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Food that's all about you

I specialize in creative, custom themes and menus. I will create a unique menu and presentation for your special occasion. The choice is yours: plated, buffet, themes, carnivores, omnivores, pescatarians, flexitarians, vegetarians, gluten free, kitchen staff, wait staff, your serving pieces or rentals.

I will create a menu that will delight you and enthrall your guests.

Opening my kitchen to you.


Cooking is the reason that I am on this planet.

I have worked for years to be an accomplished cook.  Not a chef, but a cook. If that sounds strange, hear me out. I learned early on in my cooking career that in a lot of kitchens, the more you progress to the title “chef,” the less you are touching the food, the less you are actually doing the cooking. I want to be in the kitchen with my hands active and my mind focused on the way each ingredient contributes to make a dish the most delicious and appealing as it can be.

Wholesome, fresh ingredients deserve to be nurtured, respected and combined in the most unique and flavorful ways to please the palate and make eating a full experience.

I grew up on a 350-acre farm in Bo’s Hollow, Missouri. (A place so rural that my family named our own town.) We didn’t have cable TV, and we didn’t have internet. What we did have was a vegetable garden and a whole field of mint that started from a single plant I received as an Arbor Day gift from my second-grade teacher. I started cooking at a very young age because it was something to do, and it wasn’t long until I realized how much I enjoyed it. I worked at my parents’ grocery store and hosted dinner parties for my friends. I channeled the baking genes I inherited from my great uncle and baked cheesecake. I loved every minute I spent growing, harvesting and preparing food.

I worked in every kitchen that the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island had to offer from the banquet center to the butcher’s shop. And under the tutelage of world-renowned chef Jordi Valles from Barcelona, I entered the prestigious world of fine dining. I spent two years soaking up everything I could at this incredible resort. And then when I was then given the opportunity to open the Ritz Carlton here in Denver, I jumped at the chance.

I spent 11 years working at Elway’s Steakhouse at the Ritz and again expanded my repertoire. I consulted the kitchen staff and the serving staff to come up with fun and creative items that were tied to “a season or a reason.” For example, during baseball season, I made a field of greens salad with my own Cracker Jack Crunchies as garnish. During Bronco’s season I made a “Von Mi” sandwich: shaved prime rib with Thai-style BBQ sauce, pickled carrots and duck confit mousse. (It shows Bronco’s pride with hints of orange and blue.) I was constantly changing things up depending on the weather, holiday or the luminary in town. I’ve cooked for players in the NBA, MLB and NHL. I’ve met the demanding and particular dietary needs of rock stars, media icons and sheiks. I’m not going to name names, but let’s just say that I know one pop star is a “believer” in my culinary abilities.

I can meet any dietary needs: gluten-free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and anything in between. I can make healthy, nutritious food for even the youngest of customers, too. My kids’ baby food was anything but ordinary and I had more than one adult dip in a spoon to give it a taste… which leads me to the next phase of my career—opening my SoFull Kitchen up to you.

“Byron is a total pro.”


  • Byron Borel prepared amazing meals for my family when my husband had a limited diet due to health issues. The meals followed the diet rules to a “t,” and Byron managed to make the food delicious and satisfying. He was a godsend at a very challenging time!

    Julie M.
  • Byron is a total pro. He’s cooked for our family and catered events at our home, and everything was perfect. The food’s delicious, the kitchen is left spotless, and he makes the whole thing very seamless and effortless.

    Rick K.
  • We hired Bryon to cater an event for 50+ people. The food was creative, high quality, beautiful and most importantly, delicious. His team arrived on time and expertly prepared for the event. Our guests raved over the food and many asked for his business card. Cleanup was simple and quick—he took care of everything. We cannot recommend him enough.

    David B.
  • I found Byron just in time to host a professional holiday party. We had explored a variety of options for catering, and Bryon was by far the most responsive and accommodating. The food was AMAZING! Several individuals asked for his contact information for similar events. Byron and his team set right up in the kitchen and provided an incredibly sophisticated and delicious variety of items that one would have thought were coming fresh from a full restaurant kitchen—a menu he put together all on his own. Byron and his team were thoughtful and attentive, leaving no detail untouched. We were very impressed.

    Megan D.

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Naturally, personal references provided upon request. Call me at Mobile: 720-486-8131 to start planning your next event. I’d love to talk. Or send me a message using the form below.